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  1. Logitech Pure-Fi Express

    Logitech Pure-Fi Express

    Reviewed on 26th February 2007
    Price when reviewed £50

    It only costs fifty quid, so don't expect the Earth to move when you play your music, but for lazing in the bath with tunes, it's the perfect accompan

  2. Fatman iTube valve dock with speakers

    Fatman iTube valve dock with speakers

    Reviewed on 5th February 2007
    Price when reviewed £299

    The valve plus MP3 concept works really well in Fatman's product, but we'd probably swap the proprietary speakers for something a bit better

  3. Logitech Pure-Fi Elite

    Logitech Pure-Fi Elite

    Reviewed on 5th February 2007
    Price when reviewed £200

    Despite packing what sounds like a floor-shaking 80 watts of power, this iPod speaker dock doesn't have what it takes to produce a convincing presenta

  4. iHome iH19

    iHome iH19

    Reviewed on 5th February 2007
    Price when reviewed £60

    A compact and cleverly organised iPod speaker system that unexpectly majors on volume but leaves the quality to more accomplished rivals

  5. iRhythms A303

    iRhythms A303

    Reviewed on 1st February 2007
    Price when reviewed £100

    The A303 – like its near-identical sibling, the A302 – manages to produce an okay sound for an okay price... but we're far from excited by either of t

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  7. Gear4 Houseparty 24/7

    Gear4 Houseparty 24/7

    Reviewed on 7th December 2006
    Price when reviewed £100

    You can buy much better iPod dock/clock/radio combos than this - even at this sort of money

  8. Fatman iTube valve dock

    Fatman iTube valve dock

    Reviewed on 8th November 2006
    Price when reviewed £199

    This valve-plus-iPod-dock took us by surprise way back in 2007 when we first tested it, but nowadays we're just happy to be old friends – it's quality

  9. Logic3 i-Station8

    Logic3 i-Station8

    Reviewed on 9th October 2006
    Price when reviewed £100

    A weird, though only slightly wonderful design: one an inviting array of speakers, but hampered by a rather indistinct and unsinpiring sound

  10. Altec Lansing InMotion IM4

    Altec Lansing InMotion IM4

    Reviewed on 21st September 2006
    Price when reviewed £70

    A compact, foldaway speaker system that offers good-quality sound, but without any great ability to go to loud volumes

  11. Acoustic Energy Aego M-System

    Acoustic Energy Aego M-System

    Reviewed on 9th January 2006
    Price when reviewed £130

    Feed the Acoustic Energy system any kind of line-level signal – computer or iPod, for example – and it does okay, but can be beaten by others