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  1. Cowon Plenue J

    Cowon Plenue J

    Reviewed on 11th July 2018
    Price when reviewed £240

    Cowon’s Plenue J is a slim, streamlined player with great sound.

  2. Cowon Plenue R

    Cowon Plenue R

    Reviewed on 9th January 2018
    Price when reviewed £500

    The Plenue R is a decent music player, but not as successful as its sibling.

  3. Cowon Plenue D

    Cowon Plenue D

    Reviewed on 9th October 2017
    Price when reviewed £200

    A realistically priced portable music player that sounds great.

  4. Cowon Plenue 2

    Cowon Plenue 2

    Reviewed on 9th August 2017
    Price when reviewed £1100

    It’s a portable music player and DAC, but not quite the perfect all-rounder

  5. Cowon Plenue P1

    Cowon Plenue P1

    Reviewed on 16th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £740

    A refined music player for the hi-fi purist...

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  7. Cowon Z2

    Cowon Z2

    Reviewed on 23rd October 2012
    Price when reviewed £200

    A great music player with good sound and flexible storage

  8. Cowon i10

    Cowon i10

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2012
    Price when reviewed £100

    So-so sound and vision hobble this affordable media player

  9. Cowon iAudio E2 2GB

    Cowon iAudio E2 2GB

    Reviewed on 19th December 2011
    Price when reviewed £40

    Stylish look and feel, but sound lets the side down

  10. Cowon X7

    Cowon X7

    Reviewed on 26th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £200

    In its X7, Cowon has produced a video player with the ability to rival Apple's finest. It's easy to use, looks good and sounds superb

  11. Cowon iAudio 9

    Cowon iAudio 9

    Reviewed on 18th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £100

    Cowon's iAudio 9 is a nippy little MP3 player that does much right - unfortunately, pitted against the Apple iPod nano it just doesn't shine

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