PMC Free speakers
No, you have to pay, but they offer a range of wireless, active and passive versions

Launched by PMC alongside the Airfonix wireless system at the CEDIA UK Expo 2009, these are the Free FS1 speakers, which both use the company's Advanced Transmission Line reflex-loading system and will be distributed by PMC.

The new speakers are available in either active or passive form, and have space in the base of the enclosure for wi-fi or amplifier units to be concealed, or in the case of the active version built-in amplifiers.

The slimline speakers have their connections hidden in the base, and can be used as a conventional wired active speaker, having DSP driver control as well as a 50W amp for the treble and an 80W one for the mid/bass.

Or they can be used with wireless systems such as Sonos, Airport Express or the Airfonix range.

The FS1 speakers sell for £3800 a pair, with the matching passive version available for £1800/pr.