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The XL repeats the stellar performance of the standard Podium but in an accommodating, AV-friendly form
Performs very well
modular design
solid build
Lack of cable management
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The standard Podium came out of nowhere to claim our best hi-fi rack Award in 2009. Now it's the turn of its big brother to try and do the same when it comes to AV.

There are two sizes of Podium XL: the 1400mm width on test here, and a 995mm version. The difference accounts for £100 per tier, with the larger size weighing in at £350 per section.

Like the standard Podium, the XL uses a 40mm thick platform of solid oak. Shelf gaps depend on the height of feet specified: these can be from 65mm to 200mm. Finish is impressive, with the Podium XL coming across as a well-made piece of furniture.



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We do have some criticisms. It's hard to assemble the legs so that they are tightly screwed on and square with the edges. Given the mass of cabling an AV set-up has, we'd also like some thought given to neat cable management.

Otherwise it's all good news - this is a great rack. We think it lets our reference kit sound even better than the smaller model, allowing it to convey a little more openness in the midrange and treble, and a touch more articulation low down.

By general standards there's far more weight, dynamics and top-end refinement to our equipment than when it's place on most alternatives we've heard.

The Podium XL's size means you can fit up to a 65in TV, three components side-by-side on each shelf, and easily accommodate a large centre speaker. If that suits your needs, look no further.

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