Prove you're top of the pops with this 1990s music quiz

Prove you're top of the pops with this 1990s music quiz
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We've just published our list of the 40 best 1990s albums to test your speakers, taking in everything from shoegaze to jungle, but which records topped the charts at the time?

We had a look and found plenty we remembered, and many we couldn't for the life of us recall. So we thought it'd make quite a decent quiz.

The premise? Well, there were 33 studio albums that spent three or more weeks atop the UK charts during the decade, and we want you to name the 31 groups and solo artists who released them. We've given you the names of each record below to help you out, but we're sure you can get a good few just by naming the biggest acts you can think of.

Compilations, soundtracks and live albums don't count for this quiz – so no Titanic or ABBA Gold – but there are also a few self-titled entries that should help get you started.

Your time begins when you hit the play button, where a box will appear for you to type your answers. Each time you enter a correct answer, it'll be added to the board. If your answer remains in the box then it is simply incorrect.

Don't worry too much about punctuation, and shortened versions of some of the longer names will also be accepted, but correct spelling is a must.

Once you've filled in as many answers as possible, just wait for the timer to tick to zero, or click 'give up', and the rest of the board will be revealed. Then pop over to our social media channels or the What Hi-Fi? forums to let us and other readers know how you got on.

Good luck!