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Epoz Aktimate Maxi review

There’s little excuse not to find room in your home for these excellent iPod active speakers Tested at £600

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

True hi-fi sound in the form of a speaker dock


  • Substantial build
  • dynamic, powerful sound
  • controlled bass


  • Poor remote
  • screen is tricky to read

You'll be staggered to hear that the 32cm tall Maxis from Epoz are a fair bit bigger than the Award-winning Aktimate Mini speakers.

Size apart, the arrangement remains familiar: the active left speaker connects to the mains and then drives the passive right.

There's a volume control and power knob on the active speaker and also a remote control. Round the back you'll find two RCA audio inputs and one output, a 3.5mm line input and a USB connection.

Powerful, punchy and engaging
The larger box also holds internet and FM radio tuners, and has the ability to stream music from a PC over a wireless or wired network.

A small rectangular LCD panel allows you to flick easily between inputs using the remote. Or it should: our remote control proved frustratingly unresponsive.

Get past this inconvenience and the sound produced will have you forgiving this and any other sins. Vampire Weekend's Horchata is dynamic, powerful and punchy, with clear, engaging vocals sitting atop a staggering amount of deep but controlled bass.

We'd advise a set of speaker stands and wouldn't put them too near a wall, but otherwise there's plentiful listening pleasure to be had here.

Internet radio connects easily
The internet radio sniffed out our network easily, and sound quality (depending on the station, as ever) is fine. Scanning the stations takes time but that's true of the majority of internet radios. It's a similar story for FM.

They're available in glossy red, black or wood veneer: there's really very little excuse not to find room for these in your home.

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