• Elipson Planet M 5.1
Our Verdict 
Enjoyable for looks and sound – it just needs a bit more detail and dynamism
Distinctive design
Balanced sound
Great integration and effects steering
Not the last word in scale and dynamics
Could have more detail and punch
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As style packages go, the Elipson Planet M 5.1 certainly pushes the envelope. The satellites' sealed enclosures are smooth and solid, and look great in any of their three finishes of glossy black, white or red.

Elipson Planet M 5.1 review: DesignThey have metal support rings for shelves or stands, and Elipson also offers optional dedicated stands, wall-mount brackets, in-ceiling and hanging supports, so you can unleash your inner interior designer.

The satellites are a two-way configuration, with a 20mm silk-dome tweeter and 10cm treated-paper cone hidden behind the grille.

No 5.1 speaker system is complete without a subwoofer, of course, and Elipson's Planet Sub is designed to match the Ms sonically and aesthetically. Its cylindrical enclosure houses a 200W Class-D amp and a 20cm downward-firing driver.

Elipson Planet M 5.1 review: PerformanceSpin the wholly appropriate Blu-ray of JJ Abrams's Star Trek – a test favourite in our offices – and the Planets deliver a smooth, pleasant sound. Integration between the satellites and the sub is great – they easily steer the thundering Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack around the room.

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The Planets will struggle to fill a large listening room, but they do have a decent amount of weight to their sound. There's also no overt hardness to the top end. There's enough detail on offer to keep you listening, but the Ms can't dig up the finest detail for that truly immersive movie-watching experience.

Similarly, they don't have the fluid dynamism and pure drama that comes so easily to class-leading speaker systems, such as our Award-winning Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 setup.

Elipson Planet M 5.1 review: VerdictWith a touch more attack and punch, the Planets would be true stars. But as it is, they fall just short of heaven.

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