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Edifier MP300 Plus review

While certainly being an improvement on your laptop's sound, this desktop system is slightly too excitable for us Tested at £50.00

Our Verdict

An improvement on your laptop's sound, but this desktop speaker system is slightly too excitable for us


  • Spirited, engaging sound
  • promising price tag


  • Swaggering treble
  • low frequencies can get lost

The Edifier MP300 Plus is a desktop 2.1 speaker system, with low frequencies taken care of by a tube-shaped subwoofer that also powers two teensy speakers.

These are attached to the sub via a single bespoke connection – the cable lengths are pretty short, so there's no danger of getting any meaningful distance between the components.

One of the speakers includes volume controls, and there's a 3.5mm input on the sub for your laptop or MP3 player.

Highs are very much a low point
Playing a range of music files at a variety of compression ratios, the Edifier serves up a brisk and peppy sound, with well-controlled bass from the sub and a reasonable sense of spaciousness considering the proximity of the sub to the speakers.

Unfortunately, the subwoofer is quite directional, meaning the low-end presence falls away if you're listening 'off-axis'.

Of greater concern are the high frequencies: they're spoiling for a fight. There's a top-end zizziness that scuppers the 300's chances of a five-star rating, though for occasional desktop listening you could do much worse.