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Cowon iAudio D2 review

Some nice touches better but there are younger faster models out there. Tested at £125.00

Our Verdict

The Cowon is a decent player, but recent rivals offer more


  • Decent music and movie performance
  • very portable
  • impressive battery life


  • Screen is small, poor off-axis and prone to smudging
  • fiddly menu system

We gave this unit a four-star review back in April 2007, complimenting it on its smooth picture performance and impressive 52-hour battery life.

So why the loss of a star? With the fierce competition that's appeared since that initial test, certain of the Cowon's drawbacks are more obvious and jarring.

The touchscreen interface is a nice novelty, but the screen tends to get smudged and covered in fingerprints very quickly, while the menus are complex and fiddly compared to rivals.

Additionally, at 2.5in, it's a very small screen compared to the current leaders, while off-axis viewing is very poor indeed. You'll find you have to hold it straight on and close to your face to get a decent image.

That said, both sound and vision are very passable, and the D2 is a compact unit that'll fit any pocket. But now, there's better kit out there.