Best soundbases


A soundbase is like a soundbar - but where a soundbar sits in front of your screen, your TV stands on top of a soundbase . It's a handy space-saving arrangement for situations where a soundbar just isn't practical. And it gives your telly a fair bit more oomph in the sound department at the same time.

Interested? These are the best for every budget.

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Under £300

Q Acoustics M2

The M2 provides a detailed and punchy listen, and it's simple to use to boot. A great budget buy and a 2017 What Hi-Fi? Award-winner.


aptX Bluetooth | HDMI ARC | RCA

Reasons to Buy
Crisp, punchy, detailed listen
Easy to use
Rugged, fuss-free design
Reasons to Avoid
Remote could be nicer

Under £500

Canton DM100

This Canton is an absolute beast, so big it'll dwarf smaller TV sets. Pair it with a huge telly, sit back and enjoy. 


aptX Bluetooth | Digital inputs | 200W power

Reasons to Buy
Fluid, expressive dynamics
Clear and insightful
Deep, taut bass
aptX Bluetooth
Reasons to Avoid
Size won’t suit all
Treble can edge on brightness at times

Under £700

Sonos Playbase

Sonos' entry is simple, stylish and bests most TVs' sound, even if it's not quite as smooth as we would like. Call us picky.


Dolby Digital 5.1 | Spotify Connect | Multi-room

Reasons to Buy
Impressively big, wide soundstage
Solid, natural bass
Stylishly minimalist and sturdy build
Streams just about anything
Can be part of multi-room and surround systems
Reasons to Avoid
Harsh treble detracts from sonic strengths
Setup by the single optical input can be fiddly
Lacks high-res audio support
Won't work perfectly in all rooms