Our Verdict 
Not cheap, but hear the StrataBase at work in a suitable system and you’ll have little trouble justifying the cost
Massively improves dynamics, detail and punch in high-end systems, massive improvements
Not cheap, only worth it for high-end systems
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We suspect there are many people who would never consider spending this much money on an equipment support. And in many ways, they'd be right not to.

The StrataBase platform only makes sense in high-end set-ups, where the price of the components is at least a couple of grand each.

That's not to say that this platform won't work in cheaper systems, but we reckon you get similar or better results upgrading the electronics, rather than the support.

However, in the right system, placing the StrataBase 1 between, say, a CD player and a conventional equipment rack delivers a massive improvement in dynamics, detail and punch.

Admittedly, the price isn't subtle, but neither are the improvements. Audition it…

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