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Atlas Equator Optical review

Worth checking out, but not for the basshunters

Our Verdict

Worth checking out, but not for the basshunters


  • Premium build
  • good detail
  • composed sound


  • Takes out some of the excitement

The Atlas Equator has a premium feel to its build. It has a heavy body, braided and then wrapped in a tough plastic coat, which promises protection.

It is good at conveying detail, and the sound has a nice clarity to it. Play the Black Eyed Peas’ Hey Mama and its potpourri of noises is not only apparent but also easy to identify.

Its presentation is composed, giving the music a feel of confidence.

But the experience feels a little flat, because the cable robs the bass of drive and takes out some of the excitement.

The Equator is more than competent, but look elsewhere if energy is important to you.

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