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Libratone Beat

Tested at £560

Some docks sound better, but if the interesting looks and wireless convenience appeal, it’s a top choice

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  • FullRoom technology
  • punchy, open sound


  • Bass not as deep as the best

The Libratone Beat isn’t your average dock. For a start, the cashmere-clad, 47cm-high unit has no dock – it’s wireless.

This isn’t another new Apple AirPlay product, though: instead it comes with a USB dongle for your PC and an iThing plug.

Sound bouncing off the walls
Within that luxury outer layer lie five drivers that use proprietary FullRoom technology to bounce sound off the walls and create a larger sense of space.

It works, too. The upright unit spreads music a decent distance, and you get much the same delivery straight on or to the sides.

There’s some loss of directness and impact, but put it about 20cm from a rear wall and it delivers a full, weighty sound.

It still doesn’t dig as deep as the best, or reach the sparkliest highs, but it is enjoyably punchy and open.

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