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29 January 2015

Samsung Level In

A high price for headphones that are low in quality
28 January 2015

Thorens TD 206

A so-so deck which never really gets out of first gear
27 January 2015

Roth DBT-003

A nicely-specified radio that looks better than it sounds, or operates

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26 January 2015

Elipson Planet LW Bridge system

This Elipson Planet LW package has much to commend it. It looks great, it's wireless and and it sounds pretty...
23 January 2015

SMS Audio Sync by 50 Cent

50 Cent may have put his name to them, but even this celebrity endorsement can’t save these Bluetooth headphones
23 January 2015

Pro-Ject MaiA

Despite its smart design and solid sound, this little amp isn’t quite up to scratch at this price
22 January 2015

Samsung Level-On

These on-ears are disappointing and overpriced
21 January 2015

Optoma HD26

It has its moments, but the Optoma isn’t strong enough to match its best price rivals
20 January 2015

Polk Audio N1

Bar size won’t appeal to all, but sound will. The Polk will make your movie experience a thrilling one