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  1. Sony Xperia Z

    Sony Xperia Z

    Reviewed on 26th February 2013

    Sony stops playing catch-up and ups the ante with this multimedia monster

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  2. Sony MDR-1RNC

    Sony MDR-1RNC

    Reviewed on 25th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £330

    High in luxury, with slightly mixed noise-cancelling

  3. Sony MDR-1r

    Sony MDR-1r

    Reviewed on 7th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £210

    Detailed and airy, but could do with more kick

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  4. Sony NWZ-F805

    Sony NWZ-F805

    Reviewed on 8th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £200

    If you don’t want the expense of a smartphone or need a more portable alternative – the latest Walkman is a winner

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  5. Sony Xperia T

    Sony Xperia T

    Reviewed on 6th January 2013

    A strong all-rounder that makes sense for music and movie lovers

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  7. Sony NS410

    Sony NS410

    Reviewed on 30th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £200

    Lots of features, but the sound disappoints

  8. Sony BDP-S490

    Sony BDP-S490

    Reviewed on 28th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £110

    This budget spinner is a Blu-ray stunner

  9. Sony PlayStation 3 (500GB)

    Sony PlayStation 3 (500GB)

    Reviewed on 30th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £250

    New, slimmer PS3 feels less special, but it's still a multi-talented media hub

  10. Sony VPL-HW50ES

    Sony VPL-HW50ES

    Reviewed on 29th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £3000

    A brilliant example of why the big-screen home cinema experience can’t be beaten

  11. Sony XBA-3iP

    Sony XBA-3iP

    Reviewed on 11th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £225

    Best in-ears £200+, Awards 2012. A commuting audiophile’s best friend

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