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  1. Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Reviewed on 26th September 2013
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Best traditional package £1500-£2500, Awards 2014. Cambridge Audio has delivered an excellent 5.1 package that is as exciting, informative and seamless as we've heard for the money

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  2. KEF E305

    KEF E305

    Reviewed on 5th July 2013
    Price when reviewed £900

    A flexible, room-filling system, but there are packages out there that tell you more

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  3. Elipson Planet M 5.1

    Elipson Planet M 5.1

    Reviewed on 25th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £1300

    Enjoyable for looks and sound – it just needs a bit more detail and dynamism

  4. Jamo A200 HCS 5

    Jamo A200 HCS 5

    Reviewed on 6th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £640

    A gutsy and entertaining sound at this price

  5. Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Reviewed on 5th December 2012
    Price when reviewed £2400

    Detailed and easy on the ear, but needs more punch

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  7. Canton Movie 1050

    Canton Movie 1050

    Reviewed on 28th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £900

    A great-looking system, but it doesn't really impress in outright performance

  8. Cabasse CinéOle

    Cabasse CinéOle

    Reviewed on 2nd November 2012
    Price when reviewed £800

    Stylish, but its price and slightly unfocused sound let it down

  9. Monitor Audio MASS

    Monitor Audio MASS

    Reviewed on 19th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £800

    Best style package £600-£1000, Awards 2012. An excellent system with stacks of detail, which now just falls short of the best

  10. B&W MT-50

    B&W MT-50

    Reviewed on 5th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £1095

    Best style package £1000+, Awards 2015. Small package, hugely impressive sound

  11. Cambridge Audio Minx S215 (New)

    Cambridge Audio Minx S215 (New)

    Reviewed on 15th May 2012
    Price when reviewed £500

    Where space is tight, the miniscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous

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