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  1. DALI Lektor 15.1

    DALI Lektor 15.1

    Reviewed on 14th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £1250

    Most of the way to being a brilliant smaller-room system – all the Dali needs is more belief from the subwoofer

  2. DALI Ikon 7

    DALI Ikon 7

    Reviewed on 12th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £1200

    The Dali Ikon 7 offers epic thrills at a very attractive price, and there’s not much wrong with that

  3. DALI Lektor 6

    DALI Lektor 6

    Reviewed on 17th November 2008
    Price when reviewed £750

    Put to the grindstone, the Lektor 6’s produce a rich and colourful sound with plenty of sonic weight on offer

  4. DALI Lektor 1

    DALI Lektor 1

    Reviewed on 10th September 2008
    Price when reviewed £250

    Handily small speakers, the Dali Lektor 1s will fit into awkward room positions

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  5. DALI Mentor 5.1

    DALI Mentor 5.1

    Reviewed on 4th July 2008
    Price when reviewed £5700

    A swift, communicative, powerhouse of a system

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  7. DALI Motif

    DALI Motif

    Reviewed on 18th February 2008
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Designed to see service in any of the five or seven positions in a multichannel set-up

  8. DALI Helicon 300 Mk2

    DALI Helicon 300 Mk2

    Reviewed on 4th January 2008
    Price when reviewed £2100

    The ’300s deliver a sweet and clear sound coupled to a wide, open soundstage

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  9. DALI Mentor 6

    DALI Mentor 6

    Reviewed on 9th January 2007
    Price when reviewed £2200

    These dynamic floorstanders are really fast and agile, if not the final word in solidity

  10. DALI Ikon 6 5.1 package

    DALI Ikon 6 5.1 package

    Reviewed on 15th August 2006
    Price when reviewed £2235

    Need plenty of room to breathe, but if you've got the space, these Award-winners will delight

  11. DALI Ikon 5

    DALI Ikon 5

    Reviewed on 26th April 2006
    Price when reviewed £699

    Engaging and likable in many ways, but ultimately outgunned by other models in the same price range