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26 May 2015

Sony BDP-S5500

In the market for a budget Blu-ray player? Sony's BDP-S5500 warrants attention with its excellent performance
26 May 2015

Antelope Zodiac Platinum

It's expensive, but if you want a versatile high-end DAC/preamp, this is a worthwhile bet
22 May 2015

Samsung UE55JS8500

The UE55JS8500 is yet another triumph for Samsung - it's fantastic to watch and enjoyable to listen to...

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21 May 2015

Cambridge Audio Aero 6

A price drop has made these speakers even more enticing. You'll struggle to find better floorstanders for £400...
20 May 2015

Onkyo A-9010

If you’re looking for a musically captivating budget amplifier you’re in luck – the Onkyo A-9010 is a real treat.
19 May 2015

Geneva Model Cinema

If you've got the budget for a premium soundbase, then the Geneva Model Cinema won't disappoint - it's a brilliant...
18 May 2015

Acoustic Research M2

If you're looking for a premium portable high-res player, then the M2 deserves a listen...
15 May 2015

Burmester 032

The Burmester 032 looks fabulous and sounds out of this world - it's a stunning stereo amplifier.
14 May 2015

RHA T10i

The RHA T10i headphones have been designed with flexibility and customisation in mind, but what does this mean for sound...