If you want to improve your TV's sound without adding a full 5.1 surround sound cinema system, then a soundbase is a great option...

What's a soundbase? Well, it's like a soundbar - and is clearly piggy-backing on the popularity of that product category - but rather than sitting in front of your TV, a soundbase sits directly underneath your TV.

So, if space is at a serious premium around your television, then a soundbase might make more sense for you than a soundbar. And the end result is still the same: a cost-effective upgrade to your TV's sound quality.

The market is still in its infancy but we've reviewed enough soundbases to pick out the best budget and premium soundbases on the market...



Best soundbase under £200
Cambridge Audio TV2
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We loved the Cambridge Audio Minx TV soundbase when we reviewed it in February, so we’re sad to hear that the British company has said goodbye to its debut model.

The fact that it makes way for an equally impressive successor somewhat softens the blow, though. Meet the TV2 soundbase (or ‘TV Speaker Base’ as Cambridge Audio calls it).

The design has had a makeover, and Bluetooth now supports aptX.

What's more, performance is even better – its predecessor’s punchy, agile and balanced sound is still present, but if anything the TV2 sounds a little clearer in comparison.

The TV2 is an affordable product that ticks all the criteria of a good TV sound-booster: a full-bodied, detailed sound, smart style, and practical build.

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Best soundbase under £300
Cambridge Audio TV5
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The TV5 is a larger version of the Award-winning TV2 (above), 18cm wider than its forerunner (bringing its width to 73cm) and housing a second 16.5cm subwoofer underneath the unit for a bigger, bassier sound.

Cambridge Audio promised a ‘step up in size and sound' with the TV5 - and it does exactly what it sets out to do, delivering greater scale and an increased sense of power than its smaller sibling.

Should you buy the TV5 over the TV2? If you have the space and extra cash, then sure.

It’s a great budget option for anyone looking to take their first step to improve their TV’s thin, tinny sound – and not just for those of us with large tellies. And what’s £80 between friends?

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Best soundbase under £500
Canton DM 75
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If you fancied Canton’s brilliant debut soundbase - the DM 50 - but thought your large TV would dwarf the small black box, the DM 75 could be for you.

The big brother to the DM 50 has been sensibly designed with a larger chassis to accommodate bigger TVs. It promises more powerful sound through four (next to the DM 50’s two) downward-firing bass drivers.

And it delivers big-time with a rich, balanced sound, dynamic aptitude and insightful expression. As its size might suggest, the DM 75’s sound is bigger and more open than that of the smaller DM 50. The DM 75 is fast and attacking, too – made for action movies. There’s a blistering sense of pace to the pulsating, beat-driven score, and startling pop to gunfire.

We said it would “take one hell of a soundbase to better the Canton DM 50”. Canton has come up trumps with the DM 75. Clearer, bigger and more powerful sounding - it’s surely worth the £50 price hike if you can justify it.

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