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TCI Viper II review

Smooth sounding, but lacking precision Tested at £45

Our Verdict

One for long listening sessions, the Viper II sadly falls down a little when it comes to precision


  • Smooth, easygoing sound
  • reasonably engaging performance


  • Doesn’t have the precision of the best
  • dynamics a little lacking

Solidly built, but no-nonsense. That’s how we’d sum up the TCI Viper II’s construction. And that’s a good thing – after all, we’d rather our money went on decent sound quality than bling…

We connected it between our reference Cyrus CD6 SE CD player and Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amp (with ATC SCM11 speakers completing the setup), set Joan Osborne’s One Of Us spinning and were immediately struck by its smoothness.

It delivers an easygoing performance that doesn’t grate in the high-frequencies, but doesn’t quite have the rhythmic or dynamic precision of the likes of Chord’s multi-Award-winning CrimsonPlus or Merlin’s Mozart interconnects.

That’s not to say it can’t do exciting, though – it might not be as on-the-money with rhythms as the Mozart, but it does counter this with a slightly more engaging performance.

If you’re not fussed about some slightly wayward timing, then give the Viper II a listen.

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