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Atacama SL600 review

They're big big big, so make sure you've got the speakers to match. If you have, the SL600s will help deliver fine insight and detail retrieval Tested at £120.00

Our Verdict

Big, bold stands with a smooth, safety-first sound. Must be matched carefully to your speakers


  • Detailed, natural presentation, good soundstage


  • Can sound uninvolved

The SL600 are big boys with a huge footprint and sizeable top-plate – little cabinets will look lost up there.

Anything that does fit, though, will find the Atacamas offer fine insight and detail-retrieval, along with a persuasive soundstage.

Their sonic signature is slightly smooth, and there's a slight lack of vigour to the sound – at worst, the SL600s sound uninvolved, rather than painstakingly analytical.

Match the speakers and music carefully, though, and the Atacamas lay the fine details bare while sounding natural and unforced.