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Explicitly illustrates the gains a modest outlay can achieve - really is a no-brainer
All-round audio improver
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We've said it before, and by heaven we're going to say it again. Don't expect to get the very best out of the lovely, expensive hi-fi equipment you've bought if you don't pay equal attention to the quality of the mains supply it has to work with. And this product, Tacima's fine-value CS929, perfectly illustrates the benefits even a modest outlay can achieve.

This six-way mains conditioner delivers truly dramatic audio gains. Comparing its performance to the ‘unconditioned' sound, our reference CD/amp system enjoys greater separation and focus of sound, and greater clarity and confidence in the midrange. Bass is burlier and better integrated, too.

In a nutshell? It really does work, and is well worth the week's beer money it costs. This product really is a no-brainer.