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  1. Tannoy Mercury 7.4

    Tannoy Mercury 7.4

    Reviewed on 20th March 2017
    Price when reviewed £400

    A big sound for big rooms, but flaws across the board don’t make for an easy listen...

  2. Tannoy Mercury 7.2

    Tannoy Mercury 7.2

    Reviewed on 9th December 2016
    Price when reviewed £230

    Compact shelf speakers could do with better dynamics

  3. Tannoy Eclipse 3

    Tannoy Eclipse 3

    Reviewed on 25th April 2016
    Price when reviewed £300

    With good budget floorstanders a rarity, these Tannoys are the best we’ve heard in a while..

  4. Tannoy HTS-101 XP

    Tannoy HTS-101 XP

    Reviewed on 20th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £600

    Best style package under £1000, Awards 2015. This compact surround sound package is a flexible, fantastic all-rounder...

  5. Tannoy Kensington GR

    Tannoy Kensington GR

    Reviewed on 13th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £9950

    These retro-style speakers have more going for them than just nostalgia...

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  7. Tannoy Revolution XT8F

    Tannoy Revolution XT8F

    Reviewed on 17th June 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    Few rivals can match the power and finesse offered by these excellent speakers...

  8. Tannoy Revolution XT 6

    Tannoy Revolution XT 6

    Reviewed on 13th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £600

    The XT 6s are part of Tannoy's revamped Revolution range - can they deliver the goods?

  9. Tannoy Revolution XT6F

    Tannoy Revolution XT6F

    Reviewed on 23rd March 2015
    Price when reviewed £1000

    Best floorstander £1000-£2000, Awards 2016. Talented, hugely entertaining floorstanders. These will be hard to beat

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  10. Tannoy BaseStation One

    Tannoy BaseStation One

    Reviewed on 8th August 2014
    Price when reviewed £350

    It’s not a class leader, but its big, hearty sound is alluring and easy to live with

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  11. Tannoy Revolution SE AV

    Tannoy Revolution SE AV

    Reviewed on 7th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £2400

    Perhaps not as ‘special’ as we’d like, but there’s ample zest to spice up your movies