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  1. Sony STR-DN1080

    Sony STR-DN1080

    Reviewed on 28th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £550

    Sony steps up its performance – and the STR-DN1080 is a compelling listen

  2. Sony VPL-VZ1000ES

    Sony VPL-VZ1000ES

    Reviewed on 25th May 2017

    Sony's latest short-throw projector has finally made it to the UK

  3. Sony HT-ST5000

    Sony HT-ST5000

    Reviewed on 16th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £1500

    The Sony HT-ST5000 takes the Dolby Atmos soundbar to new heights...

  4. Sony KD-55A1

    Sony KD-55A1

    Reviewed on 12th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £3500

    Sony’s first 4K OLED should have even LG worried...

  5. Sony UBP-X800

    Sony UBP-X800

    Reviewed on 5th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £400

    Sony’s first 4K Blu-ray player sets a new benchmark for the money...

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  7. Sony BDP-S3700

    Sony BDP-S3700

    Reviewed on 10th April 2017
    Price when reviewed £85

    An impressive picture and decent sound make for a good value Blu-ray player...

  8. Sony KD-49XE9005

    Sony KD-49XE9005

    Reviewed on 22nd March 2017
    Price when reviewed £1500

    Spend a bit of time getting the set-up right, and you’ll be rewarded with a 4K gem that excels at any resolution...

  9. Sony KD-55XE9305

    Sony KD-55XE9305

    Reviewed on 6th March 2017
    Price when reviewed £2400

    Sony’s first 4K HDR LCD TV of the year is a resounding success...

  10. Sony Xperia Touch

    Sony Xperia Touch

    Reviewed on 28th February 2017

    Sony's Xperia Touch short-throw, gesture-based projector feels like the stuff of sci-fi lovers' dreams. We hit the show floor of MWC to give it a try...

  11. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Reviewed on 27th February 2017

    The Xperia XZ Premium is the world's first 4K HDR phone. We've been hands on to find out if 4K on a smartphone finally makes sense.