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  1. Panasonic TX-L42D25

    Panasonic TX-L42D25

    Reviewed on 21st September 2010
    Price when reviewed £1000

    We think this Panasonic LCD is a more then decent 40 inch screen, but for the money there's better out there

  2. Panasonic DMP-BDT300

    Panasonic DMP-BDT300

    Reviewed on 20th August 2010
    Price when reviewed £380

    Great 3D (and 2D) performance – and an extra HDMI output means you don’t need to buy a new receiver

  3. Panasonic TX-P50VT20

    Panasonic TX-P50VT20

    Reviewed on 18th August 2010
    Price when reviewed £2300

    The Panasonic TX-P50VT20 is a superb TV in its own right, so you can afford to regard 3D as a bonus

  4. Panasonic TX-L32D25

    Panasonic TX-L32D25

    Reviewed on 17th August 2010
    Price when reviewed £700

    Best 32in TV in the 2010 Awards, the Panasonic TX-L32D25 is an absolute cracker

  5. Panasonic TX-L32S20

    Panasonic TX-L32S20

    Reviewed on 16th August 2010
    Price when reviewed £600

    Another supremely capable performer from Panasonic, this 32 inch screen in the S20 range does much right, but just misses out on the fifth star

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  7. Panasonic SC-HC30DB

    Panasonic SC-HC30DB

    Reviewed on 23rd July 2010
    Price when reviewed £185

    Some of the features of this Panasonic micro system are very usable, but we'd rather have seen more attention paid to the basics

  8. Panasonic TX-L37S20

    Panasonic TX-L37S20

    Reviewed on 22nd July 2010
    Price when reviewed £800

    Tempting price and the picture is perfectly watchable, but it does give a fair bit away to the best

  9. Panasonic TX-L37V20

    Panasonic TX-L37V20

    Reviewed on 21st July 2010
    Price when reviewed £1200

    All the bells and whistles you could want and a picture that's worthy of the price

  10. Panasonic TX-L32D28

    Panasonic TX-L32D28

    Reviewed on 15th July 2010
    Price when reviewed £1100

    The price of this 32 inch Panasonic Freesat-toting LCD holds it back - otherwise, there's nothing to stop it getting that coveted fifth star

  11. Panasonic DMR-BW880

    Panasonic DMR-BW880

    Reviewed on 24th June 2010
    Price when reviewed £700

    Best Blu-ray/HDD recorder, Awards 2010. It's not often we see a product as complex as this Panasonic Blu-ray recorder