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  1. Orbitsound One P70

    Orbitsound One P70

    Reviewed on 4th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £300

    This P70 goes loud and looks sleek, but sound quality could be better...

  2. Orbitsound A70

    Orbitsound A70

    Reviewed on 24th November 2015
    Price when reviewed £500

    In a market swamped by soundbars, does the Oribitsound do enough to stand out from the crowd?

  3. Orbitsound SB60 AirSound

    Orbitsound SB60 AirSound

    Reviewed on 23rd January 2014
    Price when reviewed £300

    A powerful, punchy and detailed sound is let down by a lack of subtlety and frustrating operation

  4. Orbitsound M9

    Orbitsound M9

    Reviewed on 30th April 2013
    Price when reviewed £300

    The Orbitsound M9 presents a strong case thanks to its size, flexibility and well-balanced sound

  5. Orbitsound T9

    Orbitsound T9

    Reviewed on 8th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £200

    Tiny box with big sound; but there are stronger rivals

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  7. Orbitsound T12v3

    Orbitsound T12v3

    Reviewed on 21st November 2011
    Price when reviewed £300

    Not the subtlest performer, but will boost your TV's sound

  8. Orbitsound T12

    Orbitsound T12

    Reviewed on 14th December 2008
    Price when reviewed £250

    A neat system but sonically it doesn’t knit together especially well

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