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  1. Chord Company Leyline

    Chord Company Leyline

    Reviewed on 8th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £3

    For the money, Chord's budget Leyline is bang on the nose. If you're looking to spend less, audition this

  2. Talk Electronics Talk 3

    Talk Electronics Talk 3

    Reviewed on 1st April 2011
    Price when reviewed £4

    Decent detail, dynamics and subtlety – for less than a fiver

  3. DNM Speaker cable

    DNM Speaker cable

    Reviewed on 25th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £12

    DNM has added authority to this solid-core speaker cable

  4. QED X-TC

    QED X-TC

    Reviewed on 10th August 2010
    Price when reviewed £4

    We really like this budget speaker cable from QED - it might be short on some bottom end heft, but it makes up for it with everything else

  5. Vivanco SHQ Ultra

    Vivanco SHQ Ultra

    Reviewed on 18th May 2010
    Price when reviewed £80

    Vivanco's SHQ Ultra HDMI 1.4 cable certainly proves to be an enjoyable watch, but it could lose some of its reservation

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  7. Atlas Equator Mk II

    Atlas Equator Mk II

    Reviewed on 6th April 2010
    Price when reviewed £8.5

    If you want a superbly balanced sound, then this speaker cable is certainly for you, although it could do with more verve

  8. Ixos XHS-513

    Ixos XHS-513

    Reviewed on 6th April 2010
    Price when reviewed £7.99

    There's definitely promise in there, but this Ixos needs more authority to really begin to shine

  9. Black Rhodium Jive

    Black Rhodium Jive

    Reviewed on 6th April 2010
    Price when reviewed £7

    It's capable in many ways, but the Jive really needs to gain greater expression and dynamic bite

  10. Atlas Element

    Atlas Element

    Reviewed on 25th September 2009
    Price when reviewed £3

    A fine budget upgrade, but you don't have to spend too much more to do quite a bit better

  11. QED XT Evolution

    QED XT Evolution

    Reviewed on 26th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £6.5

    It's not ideal for every system, but we think this QED's a bit of a champion speaker cable