Sony HT-AS5
The £370 system offers a 5.1 speaker system, 1000 watts of digital amplification and support for 3D video

Sony has launched a compact home cinema speaker system that looks squarely aimed at PS3 owners. Offering a 5.1 speaker system and a subwoofer complete with receiver, it can also accept decoded HD audio in the LPCM format.

That means the PlayStation3 – or other Blu-ray player – can decode the HD audio and output in a format this system can understand.

There's 3D pass-through on three HDMI inputs and one output, plus two optical and one coaxial digital input.

The HDMI channel supports audio return, while there's also an FM/AM tuner and an auto calibration system.

Available now, the Sony HT-AS5 looks set to sell for around £370.

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