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NEWS: B&O joins forces with NASA to reinvent the remote control

Remote controls aren't something we often get very excited about, but this futuristic device from Bang & Olufsen certainly grabbed our attention.

The Danish company, well known for its pioneering industrial design, describes the Beo5 as "an entirely new and revolutionary remote control".

Its touch-screen LCD screen can be programmed to operate any product or combination of products. In fact, the Beo5 is delivered without any programming from the factory, and is then professionally customised for each purchaser at their local B&O store.

As well as operating audio and video equipment, it can also remotely control home lighting, heating, air conditioning, windows and security systems.

The 'Touch-and-Go' technology used for the display, developed in conjunction with NASA, combines two different types of touch operation – sensi-touch, which detects the button, and soft-touch, which physically activates a function by pressing down on the screen.

The base of the Beo5 is a circular aluminium ball that includes hard-touch buttons for activating functions on the screen, as well as volume control and channel changing.

Beo5 will be available this autumn for around £300.

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