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Ecosse Maestro MA2 review

The Maestro MA2 may be getting on in years but it remains an appealing buy Tested at £177.99

Our Verdict

The Maestro MA2 may be getting on years, but it remains appealing


  • An even and well-mannered presentation
  • good with detail


  • Not the last word in dynamic punch or organisation

We first reviewed Ecosse's Maestro MA2 almost a decade ago, and gave it an Award back in 1999. The 2008 version looks unchanged bar a different RCA plug design.

What has changed is the quality of the competition. Judged by today's standard the Maestro MA2 remains a fine-sounding cable, and has become even more appealing because of a recent £20 price drop. It's a clean and neutral-sounding interconnect that delivers a decent chunk of detail when required.

Add strong dynamics and plenty of finesse and you'll find this cable is as at home with the likes of Radiohead's In Rainbows as it is a Stravinsky symphony.

It's only against the very best that a slight shortfall in punch and ability to keep a very complex production organised mean this Ecosse interconnect falls short of the class leaders. Still, this remains a cable worth considering.