£ 1600

The W95 is a good TV in many regards, but we expect fireworks from a flagship set and the Sony just doesn’t quite deliver

£ 400

If you can overlook its lag issues, the Toshiba’s a good option if you stick with HD

£ 330

A sharp, exciting picture with essential smarts – and at a terrific price

£ 430

The large screen and punchy picture are highly attractive for this price, but you’ll have to forego the smart features and Full HD resolution

£ 480

This stunning and feature-laden Samsung is one of the best TV bargains we’ve seen

£ 900

Stunning picture quality and excellent smart interface makes this Sony a highly desirable screen

£ 775

A so-so performance across the board makes this a TV that’s hard to recommend

£ 5500

The Toshiba’s a perfectly adequate performer, but it’s relatively pricey and is too easily outgunned by rivals costing similar money

£ 110

A decent, low cost TV that’s not too subtle in its effort to impress

£ 150

Disappointing contrast and detail subtlety make this a difficult TV to recommend