HDMI and video cables


£ 90

Typical van den Hul quality from a hinged HDMI cable that doesn't actively enjoy falling out of its socket

£ 90

It's a step above the budget cables in price, but not so much in quality

£ 30

The Infinius HDMI cable is a worthwhile improvement on a freebie connection, but its not short of competition

£ 23

The Platinum struggles to stand out from the crowd

£ 70

Inoffensive picture quality but the sound quality lacks some of the sparkle of its rivals

£ 107

Impressive cable but rivals now offer a more expansive spread of sound

£ 70

Very capable performer. Produces solid, stable sound and the image quality is vibrant and wonderfully rendered

£ 95

A real entertainer, thanks to the chunky bass delivery and enthusiastic presentation

£ 74

Subdued style but the picture quality is on a par with the best around this price

£ 10

Not worth the money, save up for a better HDMI cable