Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 135

After a revamp, looks and sounds even better than before

£ 175

There is detail and insight aplenty from the Russ Andrews/Kimber Hero

£ 300

Unique in appearance, this solid cored interconnect may be pricey but it does everything to a high standard

£ 100

If you feel your kit has too thin a sound, then van Den Hul's punchy The Well interconnect could be just what you need

£ 130

The '6' version of Wireworld's Oasis interconnect is an adept performer with very little to dislike and one we'd recommend

£ 50

This is the first cable we've had from German manufacturer Hi-Con - it's solid enough, but you can buy better for less

£ 18

We loved QED's budget Profile HDMI cable, and its sister analogue interconnect proves to be just as good

£ 40

Agile, fun and nuanced, the QED would do well in pretty much any system

£ 80

Furutech's Alpha Line-1 interconnect can polish rough sonic edges

£ 125

Chord's accomplished Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect has been reborn as the equally accomplished Chameleon Plus