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iLuv iMM289

Tested at £40

Considering its minuscule price tag, this iLuv dock fares surprisingly well

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  • Great price
  • easy to use
  • convenient size
  • very acceptable sound


  • Could do with more bass

The iLuv iMM289 is an unassuming iPod speaker dock. It's small, lightweight and costs as much as a night out down your local discotheque.

Sceptics might have already condemned it to a less than favourable rating, but this is a pint-sized surprise.

Park your iPod in the dock. If you fancy watching a movie or TV show stored on your iPod simply rotate the dock through 90 degrees and you can view (and listen) in landscape.

Sonically, the iLuv is seriously impressive for the money. There's no thinness or hardness in the treble; bass weight isn't exactly monumental, but you can't expect too much of a product of this type and size.

Kanye West's Street Lights sounds rhythmic and entertaining enough. Rotating the dock alters the stereo imaging: voices come at you from the side rather than straight on, but it's a minor point.

For a parent in need of a sound system for their child's iPod, this is ideal.

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