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04 February 2015

Polk Audio TSx110B

They’re not perfect, but - for the price - these Polks are a pleasant surprise
03 February 2015

Samsung BD-H6500

Not the best in class, but those features make it competitive
02 February 2015

Technics SU-C700

It looks the part, but the SU-C700 is easily outclassed at this price. This is not the Technics comeback we...

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29 January 2015

Samsung Level In

A high price for headphones that are low in quality
28 January 2015

Thorens TD 206

A so-so deck which never really gets out of first gear
27 January 2015

Roth DBT-003

A nicely-specified radio that looks better than it sounds, or operates
26 January 2015

Elipson Planet LW Bridge system

This Elipson Planet LW package has much to commend it. It looks great, it's wireless and and it sounds pretty...
23 January 2015

SMS Audio Sync by 50 Cent

50 Cent may have put his name to them, but even this celebrity endorsement can’t save these Bluetooth headphones