1. a-JAYS Three

    a-JAYS Three

    Punchy, entertaining sound on a short volume leash

    Our rating
    Available from £37.85
  2. Jays t-Jays 3

    Jays t-Jays 3

    Produce a reasonable sound, but suffer a hint of spikiness with vocals and high frequencies

    Our rating
    Available from £79.95
  3. Jays t-Jays Two

    Jays t-Jays Two

    The Jays t-Jays Twos are a good choice for bass lovers

    Our rating
    Available from £69.95
  4. Jays C-Jays

    Jays C-Jays

    It’s a competitive market and there are simply better options available

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  5. Jays q-JAYS

    Jays q-JAYS

    One of the smallest in-ear design around, the q-Jays are hugely effective, sounding good and weighing next to nothing

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  7. Jays a-JAYS One Earphone
    Available from £24.95
  8. Jays a-JAYS Two Earphone
    Available from £34.95
  9. Jays d-JAYS Earphone

    Jays d-JAYS Earphone

  10. Jays t-JAYS One Earphone
    Available from £59.95