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Spotify Premium wins our 2011 Readers' Award


It’s not only our review team who get to pick the Products of the Year. This Award was decided by thousands of our readers and website users. So, let’s meet the winner…

When we asked the readers of this magazine – and the users of – to nominate their favourite audio-visual product, service or app, we expected to be inundated with a wide variety of choices. And we weren’t disappointed.

Given that everyone has a different system, needs and personal preferences, no fewer than 70 items were put forward on the forums.

Five, however, emerged as clear favourites: Apple AirPlay, Spotify Premium, LoveFilm, Rega’s DAC and Audiolab’s 8200CDQ.

All five went forward to the shortlist on the special voting page on our
dedicated Awards website, and when the voting finally closed there was
one clear winner: Spotify.

It seems the ground-breaking music streaming service has captured your imagination, and opened up a whole new world of music to many. Spotify’s simple integration with mobile devices and streaming systems such as Sonos and Apple AirPlay has brought it into the mainstream, making it hugely popular.

We love its ease of use, compatibility with a wide range of products and
extensive catalogue of music – plus the higher-quality 320kbps tracks available
on Spotify Premium. And now you can even share music on Spotify with your friends on Facebook.

All of which makes Spotify a worthy winner of our 2011 Readers’ Award.

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