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Lindy HDMI Cable (2m) review

The Lindy HDMI Cable is cheap but it's not very cheerful Tested at £4

Our Verdict

It’s cheap and it works – but no better than a freebie cable. We would spend a touch more on the ThatCable


  • Capable grasp of colour


  • Sound, motion handling, sharpness

These are economically difficult times, so it makes sense to check out some budget slimline HDMI cables.

Put to the grindstone with our The Fellowship of The Ring Blu-ray disc, the Lindy shows a capable grasp of colour and… well, that’s it.

Compared with a ThatCable HDMI (£5), this served up a thin and brittle sound, while motion handling, picture noise and sharpness of images also fell woefully short of what we’d expect – even at this price.

Not really better than a free cable
Cap that off with its cheap construction and there’s little to recommend here over the freebie that comes with many systems or Blu-ray players.

Even in these cash-strapped times, false economy is a terrible thing. If you’re going to upgrade, dig a touch deeper into your wallet, because there’s much, much better than this out there for not a great deal more money.

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