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Black Friday 2018 vinyl deals: The best record deals around

As you must be aware, Black Friday is well and truly upon us. And vinyl isn't out of mind as it was throughout the noughties.

With vinyl being the physical format of the day, there’s discounts and deals across from some online retailers. Record Store Day has already announced its special vinyl releases, and Amazon has a blank ‘Black Friday Deals Week in Music’ page ready to be filled with vinyl deals anytime now.

The internet is already flooded with great-value vinyl, though, and here are some of our favourite finds...

What Hi-Fi? sorts through thousands of deals to offer the best prices from the trustworthy retailers. While all of our reviews are researched and written independently, What Hi-Fi? is a participant in a number of affiliate programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees for linking to online retailers. 

Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London) £13.45 The Scottish indie rock band’s first acoustic album, released in May, is a live recording of a gig they performed at London’s Roundhouse last year. MTV Unplugged releases make up some of our favourite for testing, so we’ll be adding this one to our shopping basket. Only £13.45 (plus postage), its song-for-pound value is exceptional. View Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged at Amazon

St. Vincent - Masseducation Two for £30 Making its way onto our best albums of 2017 list, St. Vincent’s latest album demonstrated the best balance of the mainstream and avant-garde we heard that year. The track Los Angeles is almost worth the album’s £15 share of the ‘Two for £30’ deal alone. View St. Vincent - Masseducation at Amazon

Van Morrison - Keep Me Singing Two for £30 Amazon’s ‘Two for £30’ deal covers a genre-spanning, taste-traversing old and new range of vinyl releases, and in it is Van Morrison’s 2016-released 36th album, which, like your favourite winter coat, offers a familiar comfort. See Van Morrison - Keep Me Singing at Amazon

Van Morrison - Roll With The Punches £19 £13.32 A year later, the Irish singer-songwriter's 37th studio album was released - as you may remember him talking about on Paul Jones' BBC Radio 2 show last September. The double LP features five original songs and ten covers, the latter of which includes his wonderful rendition of Sam Cooke's Bring It On Home To Me - an album highlight.  Get Van Morrison - Roll With The Punches at Amazon

Mike Oldfield - Return on Ommadawn £28.99 £12.99 Alongside Bells and Amarok, Oldfield's third album, Ommadawn (1975), was one of his most genuine and accomplished works, combining traditional Celtic sounds with African drums and fizzing electronic riffs. Some 42 years and 22 albums later we have a sequel… Buy Mike Oldfield - Return on Ommadawn at HMV

Ryan Adams - Prisoner £24.99 £12.99 The Grammy-nominated, alt-country singer-songwriter pursues his fine form with his latest album, inspired by his divorce to actress Mandy Moore in 2015. But despite the break-up-album guise, its ‘70s pop-rock feel results in a throng of catchy songs. View Ryan Adam - Prisoner at HMV

The Beastie Boys - Check Your Head £15 To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LP, Record Store re-released classic albums on vinyl. And at a great price, too. So if you’ve just read the new Beastie Boys bestseller book and have a scratch to itch, this will no doubt be money well spent. See The Beastie Boys - Check Your Head at Record Store

Record Store Day's special vinyl releases

RSD’s version of Black Friday is ‘an excuse to celebrate the specialness of music in our lives by putting out these unique releases… cheapness is not a main goal’. 

So while the event will make available limited, often-numbered special edition vinyl albums on Black Friday, don’t be expecting cut-throat prices or big discounts.

Unlike the special releases for Record Store Day’s main event in April, which are made to be sold solely at independently owned record stores, the Black Friday releases are made for the Christmas shopping season. 

Record Store Day are currently set to release 158 titles – about 10 per cent of the number of titles available on Record Store Day itself – on the day itself, although this figure could change in the lead up to Black Friday, and some may be available throughout the rest of the year too.

The list of special releases are a mix of exclusives (physical copies released only at indie record stores), RSD ‘firsts’ (may be released to other retailers in the future) and ‘small runs’ (regionally based and sold at specific stores, or are press runs under 1000), and can all be found here.