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  1. Supra USB 2.0

    Supra USB 2.0

    Reviewed on 10th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £29

    Best USB cable, Awards 2012. Punches well above its weight

  2. Supra MD-06

    Supra MD-06

    Reviewed on 15th May 2008
    Price when reviewed £150

    Vocal clarity increases and is more transparent, but the sound is leaner

  3. Supra AnCo (coaxial)

    Supra AnCo (coaxial)

    Reviewed on 6th March 2007
    Price when reviewed £29

    If you like it meaty and beaty, the AnCo is ideal

  4. Supra HF100 HDMI (8m)

    Supra HF100 HDMI (8m)

    Reviewed on 23rd June 2006
    Price when reviewed £112

    A crisp and detailed picture