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  1. Roth VA4

    Roth VA4

    Reviewed on 14th February 2017
    Price when reviewed £200

    These desktop speakers have all the right ingredients, just add the source

  2. Roth DBT-003

    Roth DBT-003

    Reviewed on 27th January 2015
    Price when reviewed £80

    A nicely-specified radio that looks better than it sounds, or operates

  3. Roth Oli RA1

    Roth Oli RA1

    Reviewed on 3rd December 2014
    Price when reviewed £100

    For the money, you can’t really grumble – the Roth Oli RA1s impress with their compact size and confident sound quality

  4. Roth OLi RA2

    Roth OLi RA2

    Reviewed on 28th March 2014
    Price when reviewed £150

    An adrenalin junkie that bounces off the walls, but its one-track mind is an obstacle to a whole-hearted approval

  5. Roth DBT-001

    Roth DBT-001

    Reviewed on 16th August 2013
    Price when reviewed £100

    Perfectly decent, but there are better radios out there

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  7. Roth OLi POWA-5

    Roth OLi POWA-5

    Reviewed on 12th March 2013
    Price when reviewed £250

    Great features for the price, but this is not a class-leader in outright sound quality

  8. Roth Oli 50

    Roth Oli 50

    Reviewed on 4th November 2011
    Price when reviewed £400

    Shouty, ill-disciplined and ultimately tiring to listen to

  9. Roth Oli 10

    Roth Oli 10

    Reviewed on 12th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £90

    Budget Roth Oli 10s put in a decent performance

  10. Roth OLi20

    Roth OLi20

    Reviewed on 28th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £150

    They might look the part, but these bookshelf speakers from Roth Audio just can't compete against the class-leaders at this price point

  11. Roth OLi 1 5.1

    Roth OLi 1 5.1

    Reviewed on 27th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £449

    You get plenty of power, scale and excitement with this Roth Audio OLi speaker package, but we'd prefer a more even tonal balance

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