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  1. Cowon iAudio 9

    Cowon iAudio 9

    Reviewed on 18th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £100

    Cowon's iAudio 9 is a nippy little MP3 player that does much right - unfortunately, pitted against the Apple iPod nano it just doesn't shine

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  2. Archos 5 Internet Tablet

    Archos 5 Internet Tablet

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2010
    Price when reviewed £280

    This media player from Archos certainly looks the business, but we found the touchscreen deeply frustrating to use

  3. Cowon iAudio 02

    Cowon iAudio 02

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2010
    Price when reviewed £243

    This Cowon's a solid and dependable machine - it just looks a little outdated against some of its contemporaries

  4. Creative Zen X-Fi2 (32GB)

    Creative Zen X-Fi2 (32GB)

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2010

    This multimedia player may represent good value, but while Apple's around, its performance is just mediocre

  5. Sony NWZ-S544

    Sony NWZ-S544

    Reviewed on 18th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £109

    Ignore the speakers on the Sony NWZ-S544 and it's a decent alternative to Apple's iPod nano

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  7. iriver P7

    iriver P7

    Reviewed on 28th July 2009
    Price when reviewed £169

    iRiver has jogged along behind Apple's offerings – and the gap seems to be widening on this evidence

  8. Sony NWZ-X1050 (16GB)

    Sony NWZ-X1050 (16GB)

    Reviewed on 4th July 2009
    Price when reviewed £209

    It's got an amazing sound, but this Sony falls down flat on its poor internet browsing capabilities

  9. Sony X-Series NWZ-X1060B

    Sony X-Series NWZ-X1060B

    Reviewed on 12th May 2009
    Price when reviewed £279

    The new X-series Walkman is Sony's first stab at a proper multimedia portable device to rival Apple's iPod Touch

  10. Philips GoGear Spark SA2940

    Philips GoGear Spark SA2940

    Reviewed on 30th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £50

    You'll get an impressive amount of bass weight from the Philips GoGear Spark SA2940, but the overall sound needs to be more refined and subtle

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  11. iriver Mplayer

    iriver Mplayer

    Reviewed on 30th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £30

    This iRiver MPlayer, with its Micky Mouse head, may look fun but the sound is poor