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  1. Martin Logan Motion 35XT

    Martin Logan Motion 35XT

    Reviewed on 2nd November 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    A relatively affordable pair of speakers from a traditionally high-end brand, but how do these standmounters stack up against the competition?

  2. Martin Logan Motion 15

    Martin Logan Motion 15

    Reviewed on 30th January 2014
    Price when reviewed £795

    A hugely talented and fun pair of speakers. If you have a smaller room, you need to audition these

  3. Martin Logan Mikros 70

    Martin Logan Mikros 70

    Reviewed on 19th March 2013
    Price when reviewed £150

    This easy-to-listen-to pair of earbuds is a great option. A little more punch and gloss would be nice, but you should definitely give these a try

  4. Martin Logan Vantage

    Martin Logan Vantage

    Reviewed on 1st October 2008
    Price when reviewed £4250

    Great alternative to conventional speakers. Though not for everyone, it’s hard to better for the cash

  5. Martin Logan Dynamo

    Martin Logan Dynamo

    Reviewed on 13th August 2007
    Price when reviewed £500

    A handsome, cuboidal little fellow that can be used in a forward or downward-firing configuration