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  1. Atacama Europa Ref 6.5

    Atacama Europa Ref 6.5

    Reviewed on 27th March 2009
    Price when reviewed £520

    Atacama's addition to its popular Europa Reference series looks good but just doesn't have the performance to match

  2. Atacama Equinox

    Atacama Equinox

    Reviewed on 19th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £339

    One of our regular Award-winners, but now it's met its match from newer rivals which offer more detail and heft

  3. Atacama Aurora 6

    Atacama Aurora 6

    Reviewed on 19th February 2008
    Price when reviewed £160

    Whether or not you fill the main column, these stands always impress with a fantastically clear, detailed and open delivery

  4. Atacama Equinox AVI

    Atacama Equinox AVI

    Reviewed on 27th March 2007
    Price when reviewed £380

    Neat solution to mount a TV above AV electronics

  5. Atacama SL600

    Atacama SL600

    Reviewed on 17th May 2006
    Price when reviewed £120

    They're big big big, so make sure you've got the speakers to match. If you have, the SL600s will help deliver fine insight and detail retrieval

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  7. Atacama Europa Ref 8

    Atacama Europa Ref 8

    Reviewed on 24th August 2005
    Price when reviewed £400

    Fantastic rack that you can adapt to fit your needs

  8. Atacama Nexus 6

    Atacama Nexus 6

    Reviewed on 13th September 2003
    Price when reviewed £70

    Still fine performers despite their age, although it's best to fill them with Atacama's own Atabite metal packing