Our Verdict 
Not the best all-rounders in the Mezzo range, but still very likeable
Loud and deep in the bass
they're not short of finesse, either
impressive amount of hardware for the money
Only come to life at high volume
bass lacks agility
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The Mezzo 8s are an awful lot of speaker for the money.

Your grand buys a pair of large, well made, curved cabinets that stand 107cm high. Each cabinet houses a pair of 16.5cm metal-coned bass drivers, a dedicated 13cm midrange and one of Mordaunt Short's clever ATT 25mm aluminium dome tweeters.

ATT stands for Aspirated Tweeter Technology and is a sophisticated way of venting the rearward output of the tweeter, so reducing the distortions that usually arise from a closed chamber behind the unit.

The formidable drive unit array suggests plenty of sonic firepower and the results don't disappoint.

The Mezzo 8s deliver a massive sound, punching out the likes of Wagner's The Ride of the Valkyries with real venom. There's scale and a low-end heft that few rivals can match.

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Beefy, but subtle with itIt's not all about muscle either. These speakers have subtlety, communicating the passion in Adele's Hometown with a great deal of skill. Add an insightful treble into the equation and there's no doubt these speakers are a fine buy.

There are, however, some things to be aware of. The Mezzos' size and the quantity of bass they produce means you'll need a big space for them to work well.

We'd say a room around 4m x 4m should be the minimum. Even if given such space and positioned out into the room these speakers aren't as agile as their little brothers, the Mezzo 6s (£800), or the other top speakers at the price. 

Low frequencies lack gripMuch of this is down to the low frequencies, which, for all their power, lack that final degree of grip and speed to truly convince.

Played loudly, these speakers really come to life and justify that expenditure. At low levels they're a little soft and uninvolving, which just about seals the loss of a star from the verdict.

We like the Mezzo 8s but have to concede the smaller models in the range are better all-rounders, and so offer superior value. Give the 8s a go if you have room to burn and a liking for sofa-rattling levels.