LG FM37 review

It's no size zero portable, but once you know how it likes to be touched it is one delightful performer Tested at £130.00

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Our Verdict

Once you’ve mastered the touch-screen you’ll have plenty of fun with this great effort from LG


  • Good looks and great sound combine to make a terrific player


  • Controls can be a little unintuitive at times

The touch-screen-enabled LG Touch Me FM37 was a five star product back in June 2007. But how has it aged?

Well, pretty well would be the simple answer. Available with either 2 or 4GB capacity, the FM37 is an attractive player with machined aluminium casework.

It seems insane to say that it now looks a bit beefy, but being an uncompromising 1cm deep constitutes as a hefty girth in these days of size zero MP3 players.

The screen is a healthy 48x36mm though and offers a sharp clean picture.

Aging gracefully and remains a good performer
The FM37 can support most types of music files including MP3 and WMA, and uploading is relatively simple using either LG's own Media Centre software or our preferred drag and drop method.

Functionality wise, the FM37 suffers in comparison to its rivals. The touch-screen, while being impressively innovative, tends to be a little unintuitive and takes awhile to get used too.

Once mastered though, you can begin to sample the sonic delights that the unit has to offer. The bass is defined and the treble has good clarity.

It may not be as thin as its rivals, but we still think the FM37 is a good little performer on all levels.


General Information

Product NameLG FM37