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Best mains products

Your electrical devices not only draw power from the mains, they also have a nasty habit of depositing electrical noise back into it. Why is this a problem? Well, your hi-fi and home cinema equipment is sensitive to this kind of noise, and electrical interference can upset all the work you've put into assembling your kit.

So a mains product that eliminates electrical noise is your new best friend. It's a good thing these blocks won't let you down.

And with Black Friday around the corner, it's a good time to be keeping an eye out for bargains.

Under £100

Great value, this can help your system deliver greater detail, attack and dynamics. For the price, it's a brilliant entry-level purchase.

Reasons to buy
+Allows greater detail, greater attack and greater dynamics+Pretty affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Squeezes the soundstage somewhat-Can impact on treble adversely

Under £200

Capable of helping a system sound more expressive. If your system is worth it, and can afford it, this is a great buy.

Reasons to buy
+Preserves more of the detail, texture, refinement and dynamism your set-up’s capable of
Reasons to avoid
-A slightly small-scale listen

Under £500

No matter what the source material, the X6 will help to ensure your system sounds as explicit as it can be.

Reasons to buy
+Allows your system to sound wide-open, revealing and convincing
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing, as long as your system justifies the outlay