• Tanoy TS2.10
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Great dynamics and a sturdy structure – the TS2.10 is a worthwhile option
Rigid build
goes loud without stress
quite fast and agile
Overall presentation could do with a little more definition
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The Tannoy TS2.10 is an extremely capable subwoofer that would complete most price-compatible systems in style.

It moves large amounts of air with ease, reproduces fast and lively rhythms with good detail and reaches down to a claimed 24Hz.

It certainly explores deeper basslines with confidence, filling the room in compelling fashion with music and films. It lacks a little punch compared with the class leaders, but this shortfall isn’t enough to spoil the overall performance.

If you take the grilles off, you’ll see that it’s sporting two side-firing 25cm drivers – one is powered by a 300W Class D, while the other is a passive radiator.

The TS2.10 also has variable phase control, which, along with the standard complement of line-level inputs and outputs, is nice to find and makes it easier to integrate with an existing speaker package.

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Good build and finishThe cabinet is built from heavyweight 25mm MDF, and comes in dark grey satin or high-gloss black or white finishes, which are well up to coffee-table standard (although we don’t recommend you use it as one).

It’s solidly built too, so nothing rattles when the going gets explosiony. The TS2.10 is a decent subwoofer that delivers dynamic, engaging bass – and at such a reasonable price, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

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Tannoy TS2.10
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