HDMI and video cables


£ 60

The eye-catchingly purple QED Performance HDMI-e Superspeed cable communicates pictures faithfully

£ 5

It's good value for money, but this cable from net merchants Amazon has little else going for it

£ 15

Coming from the house of Tesco, this cheap HDMI does a job, but it's certainly no class-leader

£ 45

Sturdy and solid, the Vivanco Prowire is a good cable let down by occasional instability

£ 46

It may look old school, but this 1.4 toting Wireworld is a great performer with punchiness and dynamics aplenty.

£ 25

The QED Profile HDMI cable has been bought up to date spec-wise and still punches above its budget price tag

£ 80

Vivanco's SHQ Ultra HDMI 1.4 cable certainly proves to be an enjoyable watch, but it could lose some of its reservation

£ 80

Real Cable's EHD-Flat is by no means a bad cable, but it's no class-leader either

£ 10

At a miserly £10, ThatCable's 5m HDMI cable represents staggeringly good value for money, although it's no match for more expensive kit

£ 125

There's no doubt that QED's Reference HDMI is an assured performer, but the price may put off those on a tight budget