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Xtreamer iXtreamer

Tested at £160

Hard work, but rewarding if you’re prepared to put the time in

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  • Dock and hard-disk option make it flexible
  • comprehensive format support


  • No streaming services of note
  • challenging to use

The iXtreamer is hefty, but that bulk affords it several abilities unique amongst its rivals.

Most obviously, it sports a dock for most Apple portables, even the iPad, and it can use said device to replay music and movie content straight into your TV.

And that’s not the only party trick: the iXtreamer can also be upgraded. A cost-option
wi-fi antenna is available, and there’s a side-mounted bay suitable for an optional hard-disk of up to 3TB capacity.

Couple all that flexibility to the Xtreamer’s great format support and decent performance, and it’s easy to see it finding favour with knowledgeable buyers chasing adaptability.

However, first-timers will find the whole thing quite daunting: the menu structure is dense and the remote denser still (although an iOS app is available).

There’s also next to no embedded content save for Picasa and YouTube, so the iXtreamer could be a little too specialist for more general users.

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